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Why Is Professional Speaker Brian Carter A Great Choice For Your Next Corporate Event Or Association Meeting?


Highly-Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Hilarious Original Comedy,
And Practical Business Takeaways Customized To Your Audience… ALL-IN-ONE!

Brian Carter is the #1 bestselling author of The Like Economy, LinkedIn for Business, Facebook Marketing, The Cowbell Principle, Leads Are Good Sales Are Better, and The Retention Formula. Brian is respected as an international authority on how organizations of all sizes can create and retain business using the Internet. His decades of business success guide The Brian Carter Group, a digital and social marketing agency with world-class expertise and experience. Since 1999, Brian has been at the forefront of marketing, technology, social media and sales, working to drive big business results for real companies. 

As a speaker, Brian delivers a rare combination of motivation, original comedy and practical takeaways based in up-to-the-minute, real-world experience that electrifies audiences, inspires people with belief and delivers the knowledge of exactly what they can do the next day to improve their results. A highly-rated presenter with rave reviews and an experienced marketer respected by his peers, Brian has keynoted and developed marketing programs and strategies for leaders and companies all the way up to top 50 Fortune 500 like NBC and Microsoft as well as associations, franchises and retail stores. IBM hand-picked him to be one of their influencers and LinkedIn called him, “One of the top experts you need to listen to.” Not only that- Brian has both stand-up comedy and improv comedy experience and has been reliably entertaining keynote audiences for years. This ain’t his first rodeo, folks!

But… Is he a funny, down-to-earth expert or a comedian who has real, practical takeaways that work? YES. He’s both!

Brian is regularly sourced by major media including Bloomberg TV, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few. Brian has more than 250,000 fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s taught more than 50,000 students and reaches over 3 million people per year. Brian’s hands-on business experience, cutting edge insights, and background in improv and stand up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker and trainer who leaves every audience not just entertained, but armed with powerful strategies and tactics. 

In his 24 years of marketing, sales and leadership experience, Brian worked with over 40 distinct industries (Accounting, Agriculture, Business, Business Services, Construction, Consumer Packaged Goods, Ecommerce, Education, Emergency Services, Energy, Entertainment, Finance, Fitness, Healthcare, Home Goods, Home Services, Human Resources, Industrial, Insurance, Internet, Leadership, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical, Metals, Military, Paper, QSR, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Saas, Safety, Sales, Self Storage, Sports, Staffing, Technology, Telecom, Tourism, Transportation, Warehousing, and Wholesale), but has particularly deep experience in healthcare, insurance, retail and finance (including banking). 

Experience That Impacts Revenue & Culture

Brian helps people learn how to attract more of what they want: customers, revenue and employees, and keep them once they get them. He helps you understand what top performers do differently to dominate their niches, beat their competition and succeed long-term. As Brian says, “Top performers succeed because they more attractively influence people to have relationships with them. Customers stick with likable, trustworthy brands and employees stick with likable and trustworthy organizations, so you need the skills, insights and tools to attract, persuade and satisfy.” Brian’s keynotes and breakouts help people get bigger results no matter what obstacles they’re facing.

Research & Practical Takeaways

Brian’s hands on experience helping clients drive results with search marketing and social media since 1999 has put him in the middle of some of the most groundbreaking and trendsetting practices in modern business development, customer experience and recruitment. He and his agency’s consulting and done-for-you services with 100’s of businesses of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to small businesses and solopreneurs have produced case studies and processes that form the foundation of keynote programs and breakouts that don’t just entertain and inspire- they instruct professionals on exactly the most effective things to do to make the right people aware of your organization, attract more customers, bring in top talent, keep people happy and make more money.

Motivating & Hilarious Insights

Known for his ability to liven up any event and help audiences simplify and master complex topics, Brian delivers compelling, original content built on real-world experience and proven best-practices, customized with specific learnings and data from your industry. His ricotta-to-riches background from pizza-delivery driver to ad agency leader driving industry-leading innovation, creating marketing, sales and customer service programs for 100’s of companies, along with his passion for music, screenwriting and live comedy means that no industry, niche, audience or goal is beyond Brian’s ability to understand or deliver insights to. He can give one huge audience of the CEO, executives, Marketing, Sales & Customer Service departments one timely, unified, powerful message. He customizes keynotes to give audiences the psychological insights and scientific wisdom they need if they want to acquire and keep customers at a higher rate than the competition.

Energetic Impact & Action

Brian provides valuable tools, strategies and processes that your group can put to work right away. His energetic, fun and engaging style includes a strong mix of humor, story and proven, practical takeaways that creates audience smiles, laughing and learning… all at the same time. With a background in stand up comedy, improv and screenwriting, Brian expertly grabs and holds attention with presentations that have a lasting impact on minds and hearts. Within the humor and stories, he delivers inspiring, high-impact keynotes and breakouts that answer the billion dollar question everyone is asking: How do you use social media and modern technology to attract more customers and employees?

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