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Customer Service Keynote Speaker Brian Carter

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Awesome Customer Experiences: Are You Creating Loyal Customers, Building Bigger Profits And Attracting More Talent?

Keynote speaker Brian’s motivational, entertaining and customized keynotes answer the big questions: “How do the best companies discover what customers really want and create exceptional customer experiences? And how do you make customer service employees more profitable while they boost customer happiness and loyalty?”

In Brian’s customer service keynotes and breakouts, employees learn to “get” customers as well as they know their family and friends, how to hear what they really want and how to see around corners to anticipate dissatisfaction before it’s felt. Attendees leave with powers of empathy and enthusiasm that’ll blow your competition away. Brian uses validated business research, cutting-edge social and mobile communication practices and customized content specific to your industry delivered with original, professional-quality humor to make your customer service representatives more trusted and better liked than your competition’s.

Customer Service Keynotes & Breakout Descriptions

Contact our office for program details, availability, and pricing.

Secrets of Social Customer Service Success

How Top Companies Create Loyal Customers & Enthusiastic Brand Advocates

This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on an in-depth 10-year study of 100’s of top performing companies in 25 industries who used social media to successfully respond to customers and satisfy and retain them- regardless of their size, budget or training. Through candid interviews, and direct work with these companies, Brian learned the specific strategies and tactics they used to succeed. This session looks at those best practices and teaches you a proven process to create your own customer service success.

Program Highlights

  • How to become the #1 company with the best customer service in your industry!
  • Fortune 500 customer experience strategies any-sized companies can use.
  • Why smartphone and other mobile customer service is no longer optional, and how to excel at it.
  • How to make sure you don’t miss any customer complaints – anywhere – ever!
  • The most important social customer service platforms, strategies and tools- and the over-rated time-wasters you should avoid.
  • How to solve today’s biggest customer service problem.
  • The big change in customer service that drives some companies crazy- yet could make yours much more efficient!


How Trendsetters Are Leveraging Technology & Data to Profitably Create Loyal, Happy Customers

U.S. Companies as a whole are losing $62 billion a year due to poor customer service. 42% of companies invest in customer experience because it improves customer retention. So how are the top customer service organizations doing it?

In a business world saturated with too much data and quickly changing technologies, top brands base customer experience strategies on research, not guessing.

Fortune 50 brands hire teams of Harvard MBA’s and Data Analysts to investigate customers, markets and customer experience. Everything is filled with data: stores, websites, call centers and CRM’s on salespeople smartphones. The learnings and discoveries from all this data are changing how customer service reps work.  It’s making customers and employees happier.

This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on 10 years of data and 100’s of case studies. In this fascinating, entertaining and practical program, attendees will learn…

Program Highlights

  • Which customer service strategy helps companies retain 89% of their customers?
  • At what customer service pain point do 90% of customers say most companies are failing at?
  • How do top customer experience companies collect info on their customer service approaches and create insights what to do better?
  • How do top companies get the best data on consumer behavior, interests and desires?
  • If your company makes me mad, I might tweet about it! Customer service doesn’t just happen on the phone anymore. How do you tie together customer service via websites, call centers, social media and everything else in a seamless way that feels quick and satisfying to customers?
  • Customers are also reaching out to companies via Internet and social media direct messages. Do you have customer service bots or are you planning to program them? Do you have a plan to combine human care with your bots?
  • Brian helps you envision and navigate a tech-empowered future full of enthusiastic, delighted and loyal customers, driving up your profits and lowering your costs.

Customer Service Facts in the Social Media Age

  • 33% of customer complaints are never answered, and most of these are in social media. 40% of customers who complain in social media expect a response within one (1) hour!
  • Up to 15% customer churn can occur for companies that fail to respond to social-media-based customer service requests, according to Gartner.
  • Do you like word of mouth marketing? Answering a complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%. Not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%.
  • Americans use social media A LOT- and for customer service. Nearly 70% of consumers have said that they’ve used social media for customer service on at least one occasion. Americans spend 35 minutes a day on Facebook and 15 minutes a day on Instagram (but only 2 minutes on LinkedIn and only one on Twitter). The only things Americans do in their free time more than Facebook and Instagram are eat and watch TV & movies. Social media is now an essential part of American life. But is social media an essential part of your customer service program?
  • People use smartphones and tablets more than laptops and desktops. Since 2014, mobile devices have been the #1 way Americans experience the Internet. Is your company doing a good job of responding to people using mobile devices?
  • Smartphone apps now rule the Internet. 50% of internet usage happens via smartphone apps. If you aren’t responding to customers via these social apps, you’re in trouble. What are the most popular ones? Facebook, Google Maps and Instagram. If you haven’t covered those three, you’re probably missing some complaints and reputation issues. And you may want to check out Yelp and TripAdvisor, too, depending on your industry.
  • Messenger BOT Customer Service is on the rise. Accenture says 80% of customer engagements could be handled by bots… but the best customer service is a combination of programming and good old human caring- do you have a plan in place for this?

Modern Customer Service: What Kind of Experience Makes People Happy? 

  • Listening is attractive and makes people happy. Listen and empathize if you want more customer loyalty, because when you talk about yourself too much, your likability disappears and so does the customer. You know those bores at social functions everyone avoids because they keep telling the same old stories from 1995 and they never ask what’s new with you? Don’t be the jerk everyone avoids- listen and have a dialogue, and you’ll create a better experience and happier customers- plus you’ll probably hear the actual problem and have a chance to solve it.
  • Likability and trust create loyalty. If you tell someone you hate their hometown, sports team or fashion choices… surprise: They won’t buy from you! People make the things they like part of their identity, so customer satisfaction increases when you associate make a connection with someone based on their likes. 83% of customers are loyal to companies they trust- so do what you say, and say what you do. Have integrity and be honest. The stuff we learned in kindergarten. It’s that simple.
  • Empathy drives happiness and retention. Emotions can be more powerful than intellect when it comes to relationships and customer loyalty. We shun people who try to con us, or who go into an awkward upsell script at the end of a customer service call. You can tell it’s not genuine- you can feel it. You can’t outsmart emotion. So, if you want more customer loyalty, go for the heart. Doing customer service with empathy isn’t a math equation, but it does add up to bigger profitability through client retention.

7 Keys To Great Customer Experience

  • Be available everywhere. Be available to and respond to all your target customers: “The secret of being the best is not being the best kept secret!”
  • Adapt to your customers. Be available to your best customers in their favorite places. Too many companies are focused on the 3rd most popular site (like Twitter) and expecting 1st place satisfaction. There is plenty of info out there about which services people use and like the most.
  • Play a winning game. Mobile and social media are a big part of the field we’re playing customer service on today, and messenger bots are going to be part of the equipment- so if you want to win, you need to get with mobile, social, and yes- even bots!
  • Embrace the new AND the old. Call centers, retail customer service PLUS social and internet customer service yields better results than just one or the other. One is not better… that’s like saying- “Peanut butter is better than jelly!” Maybe, but PB&J is the best!
  • Trust the experts. Don’t play at social and mobile customer service, because this is now a complicated profession. There are multiple job titles that each earn $60-100k annually. Digital customer service and bot programmers are skilled professionals like formula one race drivers- it’s too complicated now to play at it, and you don’t want to be a backseat driver and grab the wheel when we’re going 200 mph or next thing you know it’s a big flaming wreck. When you let the right driver do their job, you can have a chance at winning the race. Top performing companies and managers invest in training & skills, so train your people and get help from an agency.
  • Do it now: Grow or go. Business success is like walking up a down-escalator. You can’t stop or you go down. Things are always changing. If you adapt, focus and move forward, you’ll make it to the top.

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”

Derrick Wheeler


“People should be listening to Brian Carter! I got more out of Brian’s keynote presentation at a recent conference I attended than all the other sessions. Knowledgeable and FUN, he provides actionable takeaways that I can use immediately for better results. And the best part was my CFO was in attendance and Brian was able to convince him too. It says a lot if you can get a numbers man on board. Kudos, Brian, I will be following you on social media.”

Heather Floyd

Valley Telecom Group

“Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker.
Timely and fun!”

MD Revolution

“The perfect balance of content and humor to create an engaging and informative presentation. Instead of just a pre-packaged speech, Brian did his homework, spoke to our audience and customized the presentation around our specific goals and challenges. The audience was not only engaged but diligently taking notes so they could act on the information presented.”

Hand and Stone Massage

“Phenomenal speaker. Personable, informative and downright entertaining. I’d hire him back in a second.”

James Tella

NBC Universal

“Outstanding presentation! Has our customers thinking differently. Easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued.”

James McDonald

Keystone Automotive

“Very impressed with Brian’s content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. One of the leaders. We had a blast.”

Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Brian not only knows his stuff… he’s also one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen.”

Wells Fargo

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