Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker Brian Carter

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The Internet Is The FUTURE. But What Does That Look Like For You?

Keynote speaker Brian’s hilarious, customized and motivational keynotes for marketers and business owners answer the urgent questions: “How do you shift to digital? How do make sure new customers can easily find you? How does the Internet create sales and profits? And how can you use it to attract the employees you need?”

Motivational Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation Keynotes

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How to Begin to Benefit From The New Opportunities of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Influencers and More

Today, traditional marketing is not the only way to reach people. So, how can you take advantage of digital marketing, social media, influencers and bloggers? How do decision makers successfully navigate all of the opportunities available online? What works and what’s just a waste of time? What do you say yay or nay to? And who does all this work… contractors, employees, agencies, or some combination of all the above?
In this entertaining keynote, bestselling author and digital agency CEO Brian Carter shares answers and insights that help executives and managers make smart decisions for the future. Based on hands-on experience and an in depth 8 year study of hundreds of top companies that used the Internet to drive revenue and profits in dozens of industries, Brian shares:

Program Highlights

  • Digital opportunities that increase leads, sales and distribution.
  • E-commerce strategies that increase performance on retail websites and Amazon.com.
  • Proven strategies with Google, social media, blogging and influencers… compared to overhyped fads that just don’t deliver.
  • How to accurately target anyone with social media.
  • Why the fastest growing organizations drive 10x more website traffic and sales than their competitors.
  • A Fortune 500 social media strategy that boosts any company’s revenues.
  • Why many companies fail at viral marketing and how top performers use digital marketing to create and sustain long-term growth.

With 19 years of hands-on digital marketing experience and a background in improv and stand-up comedy, Brian delivers motivation, humor and practical takeaways ensuring every audience member leaves with the answers, insights and processes they need to succeed.


How to Manage Through Digital Change While Retaining Employees and Boosting Productivity

Are your leaders ready to help your organization shift to digital and manage resistance to change?

Some employees love new ideas, software and processes, but others may feel threatened. Leaders need to be aware how today’s great, new opportunities can be seen as “stranger danger” by key personnel. You don’t want to lose your best people in an important time of transition.

Brian Carter’s digital transformation keynote programs deal with the typical obstacles and stresses that leaders and transformation teams encounter by combining hilarious jokes and true stories with real business case studies and research from organizations who’ve already successfully completed the journey you’re now beginning. Brian also customizes his content based on interviews and Transformation Assessments with your key people.

Brian is frequently selected as the keynote speaker for events by Fortune 500 corporations, government, nonprofits, industry orgs and associations who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional “best-practices” and set breakthrough goals to maximize their success.

Read Brian’s client testimonials and recommendations.

Program Highlights

  • Why digital allows organizations to escape boring mediocrity and create bigger opportunities and success.
  • Why digital opportunities are so exciting, and how to transfer that enthusiasm to your team.
  • Common digital transformation myths that slow down transformation and create employee resistance.
  • How to help experts in old methods become experts in the new ones.
  • Listening skills that dissolve resistance and create motivation.
  • Aligning your team around the core transformation goals and messages.
  • Teaching collaboration around digital, and how departments come together during digital transformation.
  • The 5 Keys to getting and organizing your data without being overwhelmed or creating interdepartmental conflict.
  • The most common I.T. (Information Technology) problems, including I.T. conflicts with other departments, and how to overcome them.
  • The keys to overcoming market data problems and beating your competition.
  • The top 5 tools and systems every company must have in place for successful digital transformation.
  • Digital tools for employee engagement, management, admin, HR, accounting, marketing, sales and customer loyalty.


If your company or organization is further along and wants more advanced digital topics, read up on Brian’s social media keynotes!

“Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker.
Timely and fun!”

MD Revolution

“Brian received rave reviews and definitely knows his stuff. If you’re looking for a speaker and want someone who is engaging, humorous and relates well with an audience, then Brian’s your guy! He’s also a pleasure to work with!”

Betsy Bailey

Professional Engineers of North Carolina

“Brian not only knows his stuff… he’s also one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen.”

Wells Fargo

“Very impressed with Brian’s content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. One of the leaders. We had a blast.”

Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Outstanding presentation! Has our customers thinking differently. Easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued.”

James McDonald

Keystone Automotive

“Phenomenal speaker. Personable, informative and downright entertaining. I’d hire him back in a second.”

James Tella

NBC Universal

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