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Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker Brian Carter

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In The Time of AI, Success Is Rooted In Timeless Principles!

Keynote speaker Brian’s hilarious, customized and motivational keynotes for marketers and business owners answer the urgent questions: “How do you shift to digital? How do make sure new customers can easily find you? How does the Internet create sales and profits? And how can you use it to attract the employees you need?”

Motivational Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation Keynotes

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The Best of Both Worlds:

It’s Not Humans vs. AI – It’s Humans Plus AI

Artificial Intelligence has often been portrayed as a boogyman set to replace human jobs, but the reality is far more nuanced and promising. This eye-opening keynote demystifies the world of AI, shedding light on how it can be a powerful ally in enhancing productivity, decision-making, and customer engagement. Based on real-world case studies and current trends, this talk will empower you to leverage AI in your daily work while considering its ethical implications.

Key Takeaways

  • Busting Myths About AI: Why AI is not your enemy but an invaluable assistant.
  • Productivity Unleashed: Understand the AI tools that can automate routine tasks, providing you more time to focus on what humans do best.
  • Customer Connection: How AI can personalize customer experiences at scale, from marketing to customer service, without losing the human touch.
  • Adapt to Change: Real-world examples of how AI can help you quickly adapt to market changes.
  • Leveraging Strengths: Tips on aligning AI capabilities with your company’s core strengths for maximum impact.
  • Multi-pronged Approaches: Why adopting a multi-tool approach with AI can be more effective than relying on a single solution.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Learn the skills that will make you invaluable in an AI-augmented workplace

With 19 years of hands-on digital marketing experience and a background in improv and stand-up comedy, Brian delivers motivation, humor and practical takeaways ensuring every audience member leaves with the answers, insights and processes they need to succeed.


How to Manage Through Digital Change While Retaining Employees and Boosting Productivity

Are your leaders ready to help your organization shift to digital and manage resistance to change?

Some employees love new ideas, software and processes, but others may feel threatened. Leaders need to be aware how today’s great, new opportunities can create fear in your key personnel. You don’t want to lose your best people in an important time of transition.

Brian Carter’s digital transformation keynote programs deal with the typical obstacles and stresses that leaders and transformation teams encounter by combining hilarious jokes and true stories with real business case studies and research from organizations who’ve already successfully completed the journey you’re now beginning. Brian also customizes his content based on interviews and Transformation Assessments with your key people.

Brian is frequently selected as the keynote speaker for events by Fortune 500 corporations, government, nonprofits, industry orgs and associations who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional “best-practices” and set breakthrough goals to maximize their success.

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Program Highlights

  • Why digital allows organizations to escape boring mediocrity and create bigger opportunities and success.
  • Why digital opportunities are so exciting, and how to transfer that enthusiasm to your team.
  • Common digital transformation myths that slow down transformation and create employee resistance.
  • How to help experts in old methods become experts in the new ones.
  • Listening skills that dissolve resistance and create motivation.
  • Aligning your team around the core transformation goals and messages.
  • Teaching collaboration around digital, and how departments come together during digital transformation.
  • The 5 Keys to getting and organizing your data without being overwhelmed or creating interdepartmental conflict.
  • The most common I.T. problems, including conflicts with other departments, and how to overcome them.
  • The keys to overcoming market data problems and beating your competition.
  • The top 5 tools and systems every company must have in place for successful digital transformation.
  • Digital tools for employee engagement, management, admin, HR, accounting, marketing, sales and customer loyalty.


If your company or organization is further along and wants more advanced digital topics, read up on Brian’s social media keynotes!

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”


"In Brian's remarkable keynote on AI, he shattered the illusion that AI is a threat to education. He taught us how to use AI to enhance productivity in academic settings and how to leverage it for personalized student engagement. His well-researched, customized insights had everyone from faculty to students buzzing. Brian was the perfect choice for us."

Cleary University

"Brian not only knows his stuff... he's also one of the funniest speakers I've ever seen."

Wells Fargo

"Brian's talk on AI in retail was insightful and on-point. He dismantled the myth of AI as a job-stealer and instead showed us how it could boost productivity and personalize customer experiences. His speech was customized for retail and brimming with real-world examples, making him the highlight of our event."

Central Garden & Pet

"Brian's keynote on AI in healthcare was anything but generic. He demonstrated how machine learning can help us in genomic research and personalized medicine, diving into specifics that mattered to us. With the perfect blend of humor and actionable insights, he customized the presentation down to the case studies he cited. Brian’s talk was a value-packed experience that exceeded all expectations."

Life Technologies

"Brian’s AI keynote was a revelation for our marketing team. He debunked myths and showed us how to harness AI to personalize customer experiences at scale. His multi-pronged approach to leveraging AI in marketing left us with actionable insights that were specifically tailored to our industry. A stellar performance!"

World Business Research

"Brian's mastery of blending humor, actionable advice, and deep financial knowledge was evident in his AI keynote. He specifically discussed the impact of AI on auditing and compliance, showing us how machine learning can flag anomalies and trends much faster than traditional methods. His level of customization, including live polling during his presentation to adjust content in real-time, was nothing short of impressive."

South Carolina Association Of CPA’s