How Do Innovative Organizations Lead New Trends, Create Change and Shape the Future of Business?

Innovation speaker Brian Carter’s highly entertaining, customized and research-driven keynotes for leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople and customer service reps answer the big question:
“How can you stay ahead of the curve and not only beat disruption but become a creative force, challenging your success ceiling and attracting more customers and employees than ever?”

Brian Carter’s Inspiring Innovation Keynotes & Breakout Descriptions

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What’s the Big Idea?

Discovering More Great Ideas and Creating a Better Future for Your Organization

Did you know that customers prefer innovative companies and will pay more for innovative products and services? Research backs it up. Innovation drives revenue. Innovative companies outperform others. But how do you create a culture of innovation and get everybody thinking more innovatively? Isn’t creativity hard? Can’t just a few special people do it? Nope, everybody has ideas and everyone can learn to have more ideas, better ideas and more original ideas. When everyone in your organization is more innovative, you make more money, keep your employees and beat the competition.

This high-impact, entertaining, inspiring innovation keynote contains thought-provoking stories plus practical advice and proven step-by-step methods based on 20 years of research and innovation success stories. In this fun, takeaway-oriented program, the audience will learn how to…

Program Highlights

  • The 7 steps to creating a culture of innovation.
  • How to build bridges within your organization to discover new ideas and opportunities.
  • 5 ways to inspire people to think differently.
  • How to work with your most valuable innovation partners: your coworkers and employees!
  • The 3 types of listening that foster innovation and revenue growth.

Customer Revolution

How Creativity, Customer Behavior and Big Data Can Boost Your Revenues

Top organizations lead, innovate and drive revenue by listening to customers and employees. Great ideas can come from anywhere. Henry Ford said he didn’t ask his customers for ideas because his customers would have just asked for faster horses. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t listen to his customers’s problems or goals. He did, because great innovations come in a flash of inspiration after you listen to everyone.

Program Highlights

  • How to listen to and engage customers as the fertile ground of innovation.
  • How to survey, engage and partner with coworkers and employers to find breakthrough ideas.
  • How to use the 5 kinds of big info every organization already has to create innovative ideas and opportunities.
  • The 7 types of customers and the kind of innovation each one craves.
  • The difference in customer behavior for different generations and how to create innovation for each one.

Innovation Facts and Statistics

Companies Need Innovation
  • INNOVATION DRIVES REVENUE: PwC found that 93 percent of business executives believe that “organic growth through innovation will drive the greater proportion of their revenue growth.”
  • INNOVATION DRIVES SUCCESS: Innovative companies outperform others in revenue, profits and market cap (Global Innovation 1000 Report).
  • SALES AND SATISFACTION INDICATE SUCCESS: Executives say sales growth is the most important metric for measuring innovation impact (69%) followed by customer satisfaction ratings (43%) (PwC Innovation Benchmark Report).
Customers Want Innovation
  • CUSTOMERS BUY FROM INNOVATIVE COMPANIES: 84% of customers want the companies they buy from to be innovative.
  • CUSTOMERS PAY MORE FOR INNOVATION: Customers will pay 40-50% more for innovative products- not just in tech or auto but also in surprising categories like grocery, insurance and gas.
Many Organizations and Even Entrepreneurs Struggle with Innovation

7 Keys to Effective Innovation

  • LEAD an innovative culture and inspire people to think differently. The most important factors in innovation success are innovative behavior and culture (65%), new thinking (63%), and strong executive leadership (52%) (PwC’s Innovation Benchmark).
  • ALIGN innovation with business strategy for bigger growth. Leads to 30% higher growth (Global Innovation 1000 Report).
  • INVEST in research and development but not only in research and development. Innovation doesn’t necessarily come from spending money on research and development. Orgs that invest heavily in R&D aren’t more innovative than those that don’t, but those that don’t spend on R&D are less innovative (Global Innovation 1000 Report).
  • LISTEN to and engage customers for innovation success. Plus inventing and reinventing. Companies that focus on engaging customers and being the first to bring a product to market are the most innovative (Global Innovation 1000 Report).
  • THINK customer first, before marketing or technology. Customer engagement strategy is one of the earliest sources of innovation ideas for 54% of companies (PwC’s Innovation Benchmark).
  • INNOVATE across departments and co-create with customers. In fact, traditional R&D is only the 4th most common way that companies innovate- open innovation, design thinking and co-creating with customers, partners and suppliers are all more popular (PwC’s Innovation Benchmark).
  • PARTNER with your employees on innovation: 60% of companies say their own employees are their most important innovation partners (PwC’s Innovation Benchmark).

Why Choose Innovation Speaker Brian Carter?

When you hire the right innovation speaker, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and alive with possibilities.

Brian has worked with some of the most innovative companies in the world. He has more than 20 years of experience innovating the worlds of marketing, social media and digital sales and has conducted programs for market-leading companies and organizations including Salesforce, Microsoft and The U.S. Army. Brian has studied innovation problems and solutions in hundreds of companies in dozens of distinct industries. The Brian Carter Group spent 15 years interviewing and researching the most innovative marketers, tech companies, and leaders across 28 industries to learn what makes them successful.

Brian understands that you know more about your challenges, successes, and people than anyone else. He will work with you to customize the program(s) for maximum impact.

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”

Derrick Wheeler


"I got more out of Brian’s keynote presentation at a recent conference I attended than all the other sessions. Knowledgeable and FUN, he provides actionable takeaways that I can use immediately for better results. Kudos, Brian, I will be following you on social media."

Heather Floyd

Valley Telecom Group

"Brian not only knows his stuff... he's also one of the funniest speakers I've ever seen."

Wells Fargo

Thank you for facilitating the generations workshop. You are an expert in the field and to have you join as a guest speaker helped ensure we could have these difficult conversations in a productive and insightful way. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed your session! We really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into your presentation to help make this year’s conference such a success.

California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee

"You struck an outstanding balance between comedy and meaningful content. One of our advisors said, “I loved Brian Carter's comic relief about generational differences.” Since your presentation, generational differences have been coming up as a topic of conversation in our network in a constructive way, so please know that you really made an impression. Another staff member sent in this comment: “I wanted to say that Brian Carter’s presentation was by far my favorite! He brought great energy and entertainment while also being informative and keeping the crowd engaged. I would love for us to have him back in the future!” Thank you so much for bringing the fun to our event!"

Jenny Alton

New York Small Business Development Council

"Brian has a masterful method of blending intel with practical, relevant business advice. He spoke to a diverse crowd ranging from Millennials to Baby Boomers. He left neither in the dark. Brian took the audience on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, while using stand-up style comedy in perfect alignment. Brian’s business stories were profound and his entertainment provided the opportunity to absorb the strategic points before moving on. Brian Carter could command an audience talking business OR making people laugh. Fortunately for us, he did both."

Global Recruiters Network

“Very impressed with Brian's content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. We had a blast."

Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific

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