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Communication & Safety Speaker Brian Carter

Improve Safety with Likable Communication and Adaptive Management

Keynote speaker Brian Carter has spent the last 20 years studying, developing and teaching:

  • Effective Communication,
  • Attractive Messaging, and
  • Likable Leadership.

Is your organization communicating well enough to create the kind of safety culture you need?

Are your “big three” generations working together as a powerful unbeatable team?

No one will follow an unattractive leader who can’t communicate clearly with likability.

In Brian’s safety programs, you’ll laugh and learn about likable communication so you can increase the safety levels in your organization!

Questions And Answers About Brian’s Safety Presentation

The title of your presentation is “Getting Social With Safety.” What are some highlights or key themes you get across during your programs?

“How to Connect and Communicate to Persuade People to Take Action” is the overall theme. But segments include:

  • The #1 communication problem that causes safety accidents, and how to fix it.
  • How likability and adaptability improve safety.
  • How to create an instant, likable connection with anyone to improve safety culture.
  • How to grab attention so you can pass safety info on quickly and effectively.
  • New methods top companies are trying to attract and retain more employees.
  • How to integrate new communications training with your existing safety programs and materials.
  • How millennials think and communicate differently, and how to adjust to fit them.

What are the key tips you hope our attendees will take away from your keynote?

  • How to be more social with your coworkers so you keep each other safe on the job.
  • How to connect and communicate a more likable safety message more likely to get quick agreement.
  • How to become more persuasive and likable in your work.
  • How to get people to care more about safety, about each other, about you and about the company.

Powerful Safety Speaker With a Message That Sticks

How do you improve the safety culture of your organization? 
Better communication creates a safer workplace no matter what’s going on!

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”


"In Brian's remarkable keynote on AI, he shattered the illusion that AI is a threat to education. He taught us how to use AI to enhance productivity in academic settings and how to leverage it for personalized student engagement. His well-researched, customized insights had everyone from faculty to students buzzing. Brian was the perfect choice for us."

Cleary University

"Brian not only knows his stuff... he's also one of the funniest speakers I've ever seen."

Wells Fargo

"Brian's talk on AI in retail was insightful and on-point. He dismantled the myth of AI as a job-stealer and instead showed us how it could boost productivity and personalize customer experiences. His speech was customized for retail and brimming with real-world examples, making him the highlight of our event."

Central Garden & Pet

"Brian's keynote on AI in healthcare was anything but generic. He demonstrated how machine learning can help us in genomic research and personalized medicine, diving into specifics that mattered to us. With the perfect blend of humor and actionable insights, he customized the presentation down to the case studies he cited. Brian’s talk was a value-packed experience that exceeded all expectations."

Life Technologies

"Brian’s AI keynote was a revelation for our marketing team. He debunked myths and showed us how to harness AI to personalize customer experiences at scale. His multi-pronged approach to leveraging AI in marketing left us with actionable insights that were specifically tailored to our industry. A stellar performance!"

World Business Research

"Brian's mastery of blending humor, actionable advice, and deep financial knowledge was evident in his AI keynote. He specifically discussed the impact of AI on auditing and compliance, showing us how machine learning can flag anomalies and trends much faster than traditional methods. His level of customization, including live polling during his presentation to adjust content in real-time, was nothing short of impressive."

South Carolina Association Of CPA’s

Safety Speaker Bio

Brian Carter has spent 20 years helping companies with technology, marketing, sales, safety and leadership. He worked with The U.S. Army on training videos for their BOSS Safety Factor program. With clients among the Fortune 500 and all size organizations, he knows what kind of communication builds safe cultures and strong teams.

Brian has a long history in safety, beginning at the age of 16 with a job in building maintenance and operations: Brian’s boss accidentally cut open his own palm, then proceeded to explain why he preferred duct tape to medical stitches. Brian learned far better safety principles over the next 30 years in his work in construction, automotive and rock climbing. He is also trained and licensed in medical safety techniques.

Brian Carter is the #1 bestselling author of three books. As a speaker, he delivers a unique combination of motivation, comedy and practical tips that inspire audiences with exactly what to do next. A highly-rated presenter with rave reviews, Brian has keynoted for companies all the way up to top 50 Fortune 500. IBM hand-picked him to be one of their influencers and LinkedIn called him, “One of the top experts you need to listen to.”

Brian is regularly sourced by major media including ABC News, Bloomberg TV, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has an overall reach of more than 250,000 fans through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He has taught more than 50,000 students and reaches more than 3 million people annually. Brian’s hands-on experience, cutting edge insights, and background in improv and stand up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker and trainer who leaves every audience not just entertained, but armed with powerful strategies and tactics.

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