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How Are the Top Salespeople in 2018 Using Proven Influence Tactics & The Latest Technology To Get Today’s Buyers To Say “YES” Quicker?

Sales speaker Brian Carter’s highly entertaining, customized and research driven keynotes for sales reps, sales managers and those making the transition into a sales culture answer the big question: “How do you get today’s decision-makers to buy using both cutting-edge and time-tested communication methods and follow-up tools?”

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Brian Carter’s Motivational Sales Keynotes & Breakout Descriptions

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How to Make Bigger Bucks with Social Selling

Why Today’s Social Salespeople Connect More and Sell Faster

Uh oh… The Internet has changed Sales forever! Now, most of the buyer’s journey is happening online, before the salesperson. Buyers consume over 5 pieces of online content- like blog posts and videos before talking to sales reps. And most B2B buyers and executives use social media as part of their purchasing decisions. Have your salespeople adapted to this reality?

Plus, cold calls don’t work anymore! 90% of decision makers never respond to cold calls. But warm referrals- like the ones you get from social networking increase sales success up to 4x. 70% of salespeople say referrals convert better and close faster than other type of lead. Have your salespeople switched from cold calls to warm networking?

This high-energy, entertaining, motivational sales keynote contains tons of practical advice based on 10 years of research and individual success stories. In this fun, takeaway-oriented program, salespeople will learn how to…

Program Highlights

  • Break free of limited, low-quality lead-lists to join professional,  high-grade social networks.
  • Get around gatekeepers and access key decision-makers directly.
  • Concentrate on real people and easily gathering free sales intelligence and insights.
  • Escape the world of cold calls and joining the world of warm introductions.
  • Graduate from the sales script to effective, natural conversations.
  • Stop treading water in the past and sell quicker into the future!

Beer, Golf and Bacon GIF’s!

How Salespeople Prospect and Sell More Effectively with Social Media

Sales is changing. Traditional sales skills are still critical, but relationships are being built and maintained online, too. People are sleeping with their smartphones. We spend more time talking to each other on Facebook than face-to-face. Have your salespeople adapted? We’re marketing and selling in person, online and via mobile.

Program Highlights

  • When should salespeople get the best results with LinkedIn vs other networks? Are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter even worth looking at? The answers may surprise you!
  • Can you create and maintain relationships with prospects using only your smartphone?
  • Do successful salespeople ever blog? Or advertise if they don’t have a marketing department? Is it worth it?
  • Brian reveals case studies and tips for what really works and a variety of options for salespeople with different skill levels, time and staff- plus what works for those who are super-busy and on their own!
  • Fortune 500 social sales strategies that work for sales people at any sized companies.
  • Social and mobile strategies for both field sales and inside sales.
  • Why the Internet is your prospecting best friend, a treasure trove of info to keep you from walking into sales conversations blind.

Sales in 2018: What’s Really Working Today? 

  • LISTENING makes people happy and is one of the first steps to a great sale. Listen and empathize if you want more sales, because when you talk about yourself too much, your likability disappears and so does the prospect. You know those bores everyone avoids because they keep telling the same old stories from 1995 and they never ask what’s new with you? They’re fun for about 10 minutes, but then you’re looking for an exit. So don’t be the jerk everyone avoids- listen and have a dialogue, and you’ll create a better experience and happier customers- plus you’ll probably hear the actual problem and have a chance to solve it by selling them your product or service.
  • LIKABILITY makes the connection in prospecting and networking. If you tell someone you hate their hometown, sports team or fashion choices… they probably won’t like you and they’ll buy from someone else. But if you can appear likable and approachable, you start to warm up that prospect. The salespeople who know how to project likability on LinkedIn, Facebook, in email, via text messages and other online methods have a huge advantage in those earlier prospecting and networking stages of sales.
  • TRUST creates more sales and more repeat sales. Trust is important even for that first sale. But if you’re selling to the same people repeatedly, it’s critical! And to be trusted long-term, you have to be likable and empathetic. 83% of customers are loyal to the companies and salespeople they trust- so just be yourself, be honest and have integrity- the stuff we learned in kindergarten. It’s that simple- and it works both in person and online in your social networking.
  • TECHNOLOGY is now one of the biggest keys to sales success. The kind of technology is different for every salesperson… sometimes it’s just the mobile phone, for some it’s LinkedIn and other social networks, and for some it’s really intense CRM work- but technology has become critical to most top-performing salespeople’s success. When you embrace the power of these devices, databases and tools, you can reach more prospects and make more sales- more easily, more quickly and more profitably.

11 Jaw-Dropping Sales Facts

Salespeople Use SOCIAL MEDIA!
BUYERS Use Social Media to Make Purchasing Decisions
Cold Calls DON’T WORK
  • Over 90% of decision makers never respond to cold calls (InsideView).
  • The success rate of cold calls to appointments is only 0.3% (Baylor University). 97.7% of cold call activity is wasteful. You need to make more than 1,600 calls to generate 5 meetings.
Warm Referrals, Like Social Media Networking, DRIVE MORE SALES

Why Choose Motivational Sales Speaker Brian Carter?

When you hire the right sales speaker, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and alive with possibilities.

Brian has worked with some of the most successful salespeople in the world. He has more than 15 years of selling experience and has conducted programs for market-leading companies and organizations including Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Microsoft, The U.S. Army, Colliers International and Union Bank. Brian has personally sold both products and services at four different companies in three distinct industries. The Brian Carter group has conducted an intensive eight-year study of the most effective salespeople using CRM’s and digital technology across 28 industries to learn what makes them successful.

Brian understands that you know more about your challenges, successes, and people than anyone else. He will work with you to customize the program(s) for maximum impact.

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”

Derrick Wheeler


“I got more out of Brian’s keynote presentation at a recent conference I attended than all the other sessions. Knowledgeable and FUN, he provides actionable takeaways that I can use immediately for better results. Kudos, Brian, I will be following you on social media.”

Heather Floyd

Valley Telecom Group

“Brian not only knows his stuff… he’s also one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen.”

Wells Fargo

“Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker.
Timely and fun!”

MD Revolution

“Outstanding presentation! Has our customers thinking differently. Easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued.”

James McDonald

Keystone Automotive

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“Very impressed with Brian’s content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. We had a blast.”

Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific