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Motivational Keynotes + Customized Takeaways + Original Humor

“Phenomenal speaker. Personable, informative and downright entertaining.
I’d hire him back in a second.”  NBC-Universal

“I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”

Derrick Wheeler


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Brian Carter is an internationally bestselling author, an award-winning social media, data and innovation expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world” and the CEO of The Science of Digital Marketing — the world’s #1 scientific digital marketing website. A popular thought leader and speaker since 2008, first in Google ads and search optimization, then social media and now in customer data, Brian has been helping companies profit from the biggest trends, tools and innovations in digital marketing, sales and customer service since 2008.

Brian has 250,000 online fans, has taught 50,000 students and his media empire reaches 3 million people per year. He’s keynoted and developed marketing programs and strategies for companies of all sizes, including top 50 companies in the Fortune 500 like NBC and Microsoft. He’s one of the few speakers on these topics guaranteed not bore audiences to death. With his consulting and comedy background, he delivers entertainment, motivation AND practical takeaways.

Routinely sourced by the media, Brian’s broad appeal ranges from Bloomberg TV, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, and Entrepreneur Magazine to Real Simple and The Huffington Post, just to name a few. Brian helped a multi-billion-dollar energy companies find bigger profits from its existing customers. He mapped the ideal customers of a home furnishing company leading to 84% savings in lead costs and 60% lower customer acquisition costs. He even helped Universal Studios market Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in the Cowboys & Aliens movie!

Before Brian’s dot-com success and work as a top keynote speaker, Brian learned an interdisciplinary academic background at Miami University that taught him to research and synergize the most powerful elements from multiple fields. He combines investigation and discovery with humor and creativity, and he balances research with an insatiable desire for practical action and profitable revenue results.

Brian’s energetic and engaging talks deliver…

  • Motivational insights and clean original humor
  • A high-impact experience with the specific tools to succeed
  • Takeaways proven to produce business results

You can help choose the exact ratio of entertainment, takeaways, and motivation Brian delivers. Brian knows every event and audience is unique. He’ll customizes his keynotes and breakouts program for your event and goals that’ll leave you smiling and provoke enthusiastic feedback from the audience.



“Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Timely and fun!”

– MD Revolution

“Brian not only knows his stuff… he’s also one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen.”

– Wells Fargo

“Very impressed with Brian’s content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. He’s one of the leaders. We had a blast.”

– Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Outstanding presentation! Has our customers thinking differently. Easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued. A simple plan that can help any size business become a gorilla in their marketplace.”

– Keystone Automotive

“Brian is a bastion of knowledge and an expert in all things Search and Social .”

– Havas

“Brian received rave reviews and definitely knows his stuff. If you’re looking for a speaker and want someone who is engaging, humorous and relates well with an audience, then Brian’s your guy! He’s also a pleasure to work with!”

– Professional Engineers of North Carolina