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Attracting The Future: How Culture and Campaigns Drive Talent & Productivity

Do you have the organizational culture and the recruiting campaigns you need to get you the employees and talent you want? Many companies feel they have great cultures, but they may not be doing everything they could with social media or marketing to attract the workforce they need. If you have a job fair, online posting or public application process, do enough people know it exists? This customized hands-on session will give your people the specific tools to get the right candidates for the job!
Issues and beliefs 

72% of employers struggle to find relevant candidates. Employers and recruiters believe the job market is candidate-driven; labor is in control.

86% of your best candidates are already employed and not looking for a new job.  And top candidates typically are available for only 10 days between jobs, so you can’t only recruit people who are looking for jobs.

Solutions and facts  

  • How to take action, reach great candidates and convince them to take a look at working with your company?
  • Career opportunity is the #1 reason people switch jobs- are people seeing your company as a bigger opportunity for them?
  • Show the candidates you want and need exactly why your culture is a great fit for them.
  • Reach out to the right people even if they’re not looking for a job now and convince them your organization is the kind of place that they’d like to be.
  • Learn why attractive culture and social campaigns can more quickly and affordably create the ideal workforce than passive channels like Careerbuilder and Indeed.com.


E-Leadership: Digital Communication for Today’s Leaders

More and more, your effectiveness with email, social media and other digital formats is determining your leadership success. The key to employee engagement is to make sure that your people know that distance and location have no bearing on how connected you are to their value.

How much are you leading in person, compared to your email communication? Are you managing remote workers around the country, across the world or just people in other buildings?

In this insightful, entertaining and up-to-the-minute program, executives, managers and other leaders will learn:

  • How to navigate the generational differences at play in business communication and leadership today.
  • How to connect when you can’t meet face-to-face.
  • The top tools and tactics leaders use for digital communication.
  • How to combine your best leadership skills and deliver them in an online format.
  • Virtual strategies for managing effectively through digital communication.
  • How to implement a tech-empowered future that keeps employees excited and loyal.
  • How to digitally transfer your culture, foster new ideas and help your team drive higher revenues and lower costs.