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Attracting The Future: How Culture and Campaigns Drive Talent & Productivity

Do you have the organizational culture and the recruiting campaigns you need to get you the employees and talent you want? Many companies feel they have great cultures, but they may not be doing everything they could with social media or marketing to attract the workforce they need. If you have a job fair, online posting or public application process, do enough people know it exists? This customized hands-on session will give your people the specific tools to get the right candidates for the job!
Issues and beliefs 

72% of employers struggle to find relevant candidates. Employers and recruiters believe the job market is candidate-driven; labor is in control.

86% of your best candidates are already employed and not looking for a new job.  And top candidates typically are available for only 10 days between jobs, so you can’t only recruit people who are looking for jobs.

Solutions and facts  

  • How to take action, reach great candidates and convince them to take a look at working with your company?
  • Career opportunity is the #1 reason people switch jobs- are people seeing your company as a bigger opportunity for them?
  • Show the candidates you want and need exactly why your culture is a great fit for them.
  • Reach out to the right people even if they’re not looking for a job now and convince them your organization is the kind of place that they’d like to be.
  • Learn why attractive culture and social campaigns can more quickly and affordably create the ideal workforce than passive channels like Careerbuilder and Indeed.com.


GENerate More: The ABC of What Generations XYZ (and Baby Boomers) Want!

(This keynote or breakout can be presented with MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, CUSTOMER SERVICE or SALES customization)

Millennials have different ideas about work, but are geniuses at collaboration. Gen X may seem grumpy, but work hard and get things done. Gen Z will be 20% of the workforce by 2020 and are more digitally savvy than Gen Y. Baby Boomers have money, power and wisdom. Do you know how each of these generations prefers to be marketed to? Why they buy? How they want to be managed? What they love and hate in customer service? Attendees learn:

  • How Gen X, Y, Z and Boomers want to be managed, marketed to and sold to… so that you can increase social engagement, employee engagement and boost your bottom line.
  • How to harness and temper each generation’s special strengths and skills.
  • How to overcome the 5 Biggest Intergenerational Communication Mistakes… so you can side-step conflict, rejection and reputation problems.
  • Why the most effective companies use specific generational frameworks to create big win-wins with customers and employees- and what those tools are.
  • How to help generations work together and create exceptionally strong and productive teams for your company.
  • In this entertaining, inclusive and research-based keynote, Brian leverages two decades of experience managing, serving, partnering with, marketing to and selling to all four of these generations- plus the latest stats and research to deliver a thought-provoking and practical talk that will help get your company to the next level.

Generation “Why Not?”: Attracting & Uniting Your Big 3 Generations

Millennials are here and they’re definitely different… and uniquely valuable. Do you know how they like to be marketed to, why they buy and what they want in customer service? Do you know how to bring them together as a team? How to attract them to your workforce and keep them there? Brian’s unique perspective and hilarious jokes and stories dissolve tension and bring everyone together in this team building program:

  • How to market, sell and serve each generation to boost the bottom line.
  • Each generation’s special strengths and skills.
  • How to come together to form Voltron, creating unbeatably strong and productive intergenerational teams inside your company
  • How to attract and retain more millennials.
  • How to make sure everyone feels valuable and included, and your organization creates a win-win with everyone.

E-Leadership: Modern Communication Skills for the Today’s Managers & Executives

(This talk can be presented in EXECUTIVE, DIRECTOR or MIDDLE-MANAGEMENT versions)

  • More and more, your effectiveness with email, social media and other digital formats is determining your leadership success. The key to employee engagement is to make sure that your people know that distance and location have no bearing on how connected you are to their value.
  • How much are you leading in person, compared to your email communication? Are you managing remote workers around the country, across the world or just people in other buildings?
  • Are you struggling to connect when it’s impossible to meet face-to-face?
  • Brian teaches you how to combine your best leadership skills and deliver them in an online format. With the right “virtual” strategy, not only can you often match the impact of face-to-face communication with your employees, you can often exceed it.
  • This talk helps you to envision, navigate and implement a tech-empowered future full of enthusiastic, loyal employees: building culture, fostering new ideas, driving profits and lowering costs.

Eruption Not Disruption: How to Bulletproof Your Business and Attract More Customers & Employees, Even in Difficult Times!

(This talk can be presented in LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, SALES or CUSTOMER SERVICE versions)

Disruption is coming: Amazon shut down Borders. Netflix rewound Blockbuster. Uber drove Yellowcab in San Fran off the road. And many companies are struggling to attract good talent to into their ranks. In this bracing, yet entertaining and ultimately uplifting program, Brian reviews the technology, social and economics trends that have changed business, why so many companies have got out of business and lost traction and how other companies are growing and succeeding today. You’ll learn:

  • What’s different about what customers and employees want today and how to connect your brand to people today.
  • Why the key to ensuring survival and thriving as a company is making sure your customers are thrilled and you’re innovating.
  • The tools, technologies and processes top companies are using to capitalize on change and build a better future.
  • Where to go to find and stay up to date on trends and insights about how to make the customers and employees of today and tomorrow happy.